Jana & Andrew 8.12.17 
Every love story is beautiful, but Libero Love Stories are our favorite.  Jana and Andrew are on top of our favorite Libero Love Stories List and that is why it is quite fitting that theirs be our first official on the blog.  They’re truly the epitome of what every Libero Love Story should be.  Best described as a classic, old-century type of love, the chemistry they share is most certainly the kind that can only exist between soulmates.  And while they both knew it from the start, there was no rush.  That may, in fact, be the beauty, and perhaps secret, as to why their love is one that transcends the ages.
It was all the way back in January of 2007 that Jana and Andrew officially started dating.  They developed a friendship a few years before that formed a foundation to become something more.  Despite it being January, the temperature was unseasonably warm, so the two joined some friends for a campfire in the woods.
“That night the spark ignited as we cuddled up around the fire.  The rest is history.” -Jana
One of the most exciting parts of being jewelers, is to be the initial step in the start to the rest of a couple’s life together.  Andrew stepping foot into Libero Jewelers' showroom was a long-awaited moment.  When you know that two people are meant for one another, you can’t help but put the pressure on to take the next step and Mike Jr. surely did that for some time.  Having known Jana and Andrew personally, it made the experience that much more exciting and meaningful.  It also meant that he had an idea of what ring might suit her.  Naturally, so did Andrew and together they were able to design an engagement ring that combined all the elements that Jana exudes: quality, simplicity, and timelessness.  A princess cut, certified diamond was set in a 14-karat white gold, V-prong polished custom-made mounting.
The couple planned a trip to Playa del Carmen to celebrate their five-year “dativersary”.  Little did Jana know, Andrew boarded the plane with his Libero Jewelers engagement-ring in tow.  A few nights into the trip, Andrew asked her to come look at something with him.  She was reluctant at first because the beach bar was close to closing and there were still sips of mango daquiris and margaritas to be had.  In his persuasive way, Andrew convinced her to come back to where he was, as he got down on one knee and said…
“Wherever we go, and whatever we do, I just want to do it with you.” -Andrew 
Simple, yet profound like Andrew.  Short and sweet like Jana.  Their engagement was a moment that will last a lifetime.  They decided to enjoy that moment and let it last before rushing to plan a wedding.  Their priority also was to save up for a house.  In September 2016, Jana and Andrew purchased their first home in a quaint shoreline town, on a street that looks more picturesque as the New England seasons change.  And once the walls were painted and furniture re-finished by the homeowner herself, the shelves adorned and picture frames filled, the time had come to plan a wedding.
Jana isn’t the type to hem and haw with anything.  She knows what she likes and she was determined to find a space that matched their relationship, unique and eclectic, with an aesthetic to match their “foodie” palates.   Envision art deco and a scene out of Gatsby merged and you’ll find the Gershon Fox Ballroom in Hartford, Connecticut.  Marquee Events offers the finest in ambiance and attention-to-detail at the historic landmark commonly known as the old G-Fox Building.  It was official, and the date was finally saved (as their Save-the-Date comically stated) for August 12, 2017. In collaboration with the venue's wedding coordinator, Laura Russo, the couple chose every detail to make the day uniquely thiers.
A few months prior to the wedding, the couple came to the Libero Jewelers' showroom to choose their bands.  The groom-to-be opted for a black Benchmark 8 millimeter comfort-fit Cobalt Chrome band featuring a hammered finish with a high-polished center cut down the middle and bold round edges (Style #RECF58186CC).  The bride-to-be decided on a custom-made14-Karat White Gold Diamond Insert Ring, set with just over a half carat total diamond weight of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.  It was the perfect pairing of the radiance of the prong-set diamonds in the bands to accent her center engagement diamond.  
Mike Jr. not only had the pleasure of assisting the couple with their wedding band purchases, but he also had the honor of acting as the officiant at their wedding ceremony.  His wife, Morgan, a long-time friend of Jana’s (and eventually Andrew, too) joined him in attendance to witness one of the most touching ceremonies of all time.  Andrew stood handsomely at the end of the altar clad in a custom-made suit (even down to the threads) from Valentino Tailors of Hamden, Connecticut.  He had a glow that only a man certain that he was about to make the best decision of his life could have.  As Jana gracefully walked down the aisle in her Laudae dress, the setting sun shone on the lace that hugged her body impeccably, all the guests were in awe.  Her hair was in a precisely coiffed bouffant styled by Laura Cavallaro of Hair Chateau, that only Jana could pull off especially on her tiny frame.  The style accented the stunning two carat diamond stud earrings from Libero Jewelers she wore that day. The bride, a certified make-up artist and owner of Get Gorgeous, congruous to her laid-back style, did her own makeup that day. She carried an elegant bouquet of white roses and intermittent hydrangeas created by Hamden Florist.  The highlight of the ceremony were the couple’s personally written wedding vows to one another most preciously captured in their short video edit by Will Talamelli, Will Talamelli Films, also a long-time friend of the couple.  After there was not a dry-eye, the couple was officially pronounced husband and wife and the party began.  From cocktail hour to the coursed meal, the presentation and taste were unsurpassed with unusually grand portions for a wedding meal.  DJ Marquis of Marquis Entertainment out of Pennsylvania kept the dance floor packed throughout the evening and guests culminated the night by enjoying a delicious custom-made cake from Modern Pastry of Hartford, Connecticut.  
Not long after, the couple continued the celebration in Hawaii.  Donna from Adler Travel of Hamden, CT helped plan a honeymoon of a lifetime.  They visited Oahu, Kauai, and Maui and then it was back to reality.  The beauty of their relationship is that their reality is better than they could've ever dreamt.
Here's to a hundred more lifetimes together Andrew & Jana! -Libero Family & Staff
The Details...
  • Venue: Gershon Fox Ballroom, Hartford, CT/Laura Russo, Event Coordinator
  • Flowers: Hamden Florist, Hamden, CT
  • Photography: TAB Photographic, Collinsville, CT/Tim Brown
  • Videography: Will Talamelli Films, CT/Will Talamelli
  • Entertainment: Marquis Entertainment, PA/DJ Marquis
  • Cake: Modern Pastry, Hartford, CT
  • Travel: Adler Travel, Hamden, CT/Donna
  • Jewelry: Libero Jewelers, North Haven, CT
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