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highest prices paid

Don't waste your time mailing your gold to some company you may never hear from again.

Come see us, at our brick and mortar store for the HIGHEST PRICES PAID on the following items:

  • Scrap Gold

  • Watches

  • Platinum

  • Bracelets

  • Silver

  • Rings

  • Broken Jewelry

  • Pendants

  • Used Jewelry

  • Coins

  • Antique Jewelry

  • Chains

gold buying

How  it  Works:

Just bring us your gold or platinum jewelry and we’ll pay you on the spot! That’s right – you can walk out of our store with extra money today! With gold and platinum prices at historic highs, now is the time to turn your broken gold, unwanted jewelry, or platinum jewelry into cash.

We Pay More

We recognize that in the current economy every dollar counts. We've compared our rates to those of other gold buying services... and what we found was surprising. We sent gold jewelry to other services and discovered that we routinely offer up to 250% more than what our competition was paying.

We Pay the Highest Prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds and Rolex Watches! Sell us your diamonds, gold, silver, or platinum and get the most cash possible. You can even bring us your broken watches and other jewelry!

We are confident you will be totally satisfied with our prompt, courteous service and the amount of cash we pay for your unwanted jewelry.

gold buying parties

The average party takes two to three hours. We will arrange a date with you to come to your home, business or organization to set up to buy GOLD.

Invite your friends, family, neighbors, church groups, social clubs, co-workers. Instruct your guests to bring their GOLD and silver and we will weigh their items and tell them what it is worth. We will send you tips on how to get started.

We will pay CASH on the spot for the value of their items.

Everyone gets paid including the host for having the party.